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Artworld Projects in Kids' Republic are conducted with the assistance of The United Nations Alliance of Civilizations under the auspices of the International Youth Year proclaimed by the UN.


Well-known artists, politicians, scientists and athletes whose life and work make them good role-models for the younger generation. They share their own experience to better aid children in making life decisions;

They also support the projects and ideas initiated by the children

Etimology of a Word:

Paladins (latin: palatinus - a knight of honor) - in Middle Age, Western European literature it was the name of the legendary comrades of Karl the Great and King Arthur, who embodied all the best qualities of knighthood: bravery, loyalty, prudence, honor, good-heartedness, selflessness, and courtesy.

In later centuries it came to denote a person who selflessly worked towards an idea or goal.


Yuri Poyarkov

Member of the Paladin Council

pojarkov (10K)Chairman of the Kharkiv branch of the National Olympic Committee of Ukraine, Head of the Athletic Activities at Skovoroda Kharkiv State Pedagogical University, Chairman of the Standing Committee of the Kharkiv City Council on community issues (education, culture, spirituality, youth and sports), Professor, Honorary Citizen of Kharkiv, Honorary Citizen of the Kharkiv Region, Honored Master of Sports, Knight of the Order of Glory", President of the Unikort tennis club.

Date of Birth: February 10, 1937
Education: Kharkov Pedagogical Institute, 1963

At the age of 22 he made his debut for the USSR national volleyball team and proceeded to play in three Olympics from 1964-72, winning a Bronze Medal in the last one. He was part of the World Championship winning side in 1960 and 1962, and the Bronze Medal side of 1968. In the European Championships he tallied two first place finishes (1967 and 1971) and one third place finish (1973).

He played from 1956-74 in the USSR professional league, wearing the jersey of two Kharkov teams, Burevestnik and Lokomotiv. Amongst his many accolades is being named the top player in the world from 1964-72 and "Mr. Volleyball" by the International Volleyball Federation.

Aside from this impressive title, he also claims a more unusual one - the Human Catapult, which has seen him in the Guinness Book of World Records since 1972.

Mr. Poyarkov's name is currently enshrined at the Volleyball Hall of Fame in Holyoke, Massachusetts, USA.

Yana Klochkova

Member of the Paladin Council


klochkova (7K)A many-times decorated Olympic champion in swimming as well as a decorated champion in both European and International competition. Ms. Kluychkova has been bestowed the title of Hero of Ukraine, Ukrainian Master of Sports, and Cavalier of the Order of Princess Olga 1-st and 3-rd degree. She has also claimed the Cross of Glory from the Ministry of Internal Affairs "for international cooperation in the field of law enforcement." She is an Honorable Citizen of both Kiev and Kharkov.

Vitaliy Ruban

Member of the Paladin Council


ruban (11K)A champion at the 2008 Beijing Olympics, a bronze medal recipient at the 2004 Athens games, and a Master of Sport in Ukraine.

Valeriy Burko

Member of the Paladin Council

burko (13K)Five time tennis champion of Ukraine in the 1960s. A member of the USSR national team from 1961-67. The coach of the USSR national team in the 1980s. The coach of the Ukrainian national team in the Davis Cup in the 1990s. Honored trainer of Ukraine, Honored Worker of Physical Culture and Sports of Ukraine. Director of the Unicourt tennis club.

Ludmila Dzigalova

Member of the Paladin Council

djigalova (7K)A two-time Olympic champion and top star in Track & Field. She remains involved in this sport currently and serves as a track and tennis coach.

Viktor Kovtun

Member of the Paladin Council

People's Artist of Ukraine, President of the Governing Body of the Kharkiv Department of the National Artists Union of Ukraine, Professor of Art in the Kharkov Art-Industrial Institute Head of a Creative and Painting Studio at the Kharkiv Government Academy of Arts and Design President of the Ilya Repin International Charitable Foundation, Full Member of Peter's Academy of Arts and Sciences (Saint Petersburg), Full member of the UN International Informatiziation Academy, Member of the Ukrainian Technological Academy, Member of the International Academy in California, USA.

Vadim Garbuzov

Member of the Paladin Council

garbuzov (21K)Canadian- Austrian ballroom dancer and a showman.
Canadian Youth Ten Dance ad Latin Champion, 2003
World Youth Ten Dance Championship Finalist, 2005
Austrian Ten Dance Champion, 2006
World Ten Dance Championship Semifinalist, 2006
European Cup Ten Dance Finalist, 2010
Fourth place in the 6th season of “Dancing Stars ” in Austria together with the famous Austrian actor and TV-host Alfons Haider.
Winner of 7th season of “Dancing Stars ” in Austria together with the Austrian singer Petra Frey.

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